Governments in the 21st Century face an array of complex challenges.

Our 21st Century Service Course provides the latest approaches to developing responses to complex challenges, and sees these tools practised in response to a real policy challenge confronting participating departments.


  • Created through a co-design process with six federal government departments

  • Four delivery options – all of which can be tailored to meet departments’ needs

Participants gain:

  1. A framework to define the nature of challenges and the type of response required

  2. Skills in design thinking, systems mapping, rapid prototyping, and strategic leadership buy in

  3. A network of departmental and cross departmental colleagues to support application of these skills

The course was personally enlightening. The tools have helped me reflect on my assumptions and way of working. I now encourage my team to discover, ask questions and then develop ideas in consultation with our stakeholders.
I am increasingly incorporating the concepts and models into my everyday practice… it’s changed the way I do team meetings, strategic thinking, and planning. It has been a great opportunity.
I’ve been really impressed by the course – the best learning opportunity I’ve had since joining the APS.

Departments gain:

  1. A response to a complex policy challenge that they have selected for participants to work on

  2. Employees that will use the skills from the course in their work and share them with others in the department

Participants in Levels 2 and 3 and some tailored options can also undertake short additional assessments to receive post-graduate subject credit at La Trobe University.

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