• Imagine an Australia where decisions with positive long-term impact were easier to make – and successfully implemented.

There is widespread agreement on what Australia needs to do to prosper in the coming decade.

  • Address the impacts of the mining boom and multi-speed economy
  • Reform our tax base to take account of our changing population, economy and underfunded retirement
  • Take practical steps to reduce income and social inequality across Australia, especially between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, and between men and women
  • Unleash the next wave of productivity gains
  • Rein in our growing ecological footprint, balancing current wants with future needs
  • Plan and start building the public transport, railways, ports, and other infrastructure we need to make our communities more liveable and to take advantage of the Asian century

However as a society we are struggling to make the required decisions and take the required action

The Australian Futures Project finds, tests, and rolls out improvements to Australia’s decision-making system.

We are about making long-termism easier in Australia. We are multi-sector, non-profit, and non-partisan.

We engage broadly and work collaboratively.

We magnify our insight, reach, and impact by drawing on contributions from our partners and an extensive network of leaders and thinkers across Australia and overseas.

We are implementing concrete initiatives to make progress towards our vision of a flourishing shared future for Australia.