Parliamentary Leaders Program

How does Australia build the capability of our parliamentarians to govern in the complex and dynamic 21st century?


Actions for NSW Agriculture

How does the NSW community guarantee the future of its food and agriculture sector?


Australian Futures Research Scholarship

Launched in October 2015, these prestigious doctoral research scholarships, established by La Trobe University in partnership with the Australian Futures Project, will be awarded to outstanding applicants who are interested in exploring how to build Australia’s capacity to make decisions for a flourishing shared future.


Early Childhood Development

How does Australia improve developmental outcomes for Australian children?


21st Century Service

A specialised course for governments in the 21st century that provides the latest approaches to developing responses to complex challenges, and sees these tools practised in response to a real policy challenge confronting participating departments.


My Big Idea

A community engagement and innovation process and technology platform that can be tailored to suit various purposes and settings.