In Australia, politicians and their parties are seeking capability-building to better respond to the increasingly multifaceted challenges facing our nation and the world. Our exclusive multi-party program for Parliamentarians will strengthen and grow your capability to
respond to the challenges of the 21st Century.


  • Established in 2015

  • Recommended by Presidents of the Liberal Party of Australia and the Australian Labor Party

  • Developed with an Advisory Council of former Ministers and Secretaries from the Public Service

  • Eight prestigious Patrons Fellowships available, which cover $4,500 of the total costs of the $5,000 program

Build your understanding, connections and capabilities in two extraordinary days around these three main themes:

  1. The context: What forces are shaping the 21st Century and what are the implications for governing in Australia?

  2. The leader: A range of approaches (analytical, cogitative and emotional) to leadership, and when to deploy them.

  3. The change agent: Strengthening and growing capability in the art of governing.

This exclusive $5,000 program is available to a maximum of 18 participants and takes place in the stunning academic surroundings of Trinity College in the University of Melbourne, especially selected
to ensure privacy and promote learning.

The leadership program is essentially about power – not the power to the position we hold, but of us as people to bring about change. I wish a course like this had been available when I was elected to parliament. I am a more powerful and effective representative
because of it.
Julie Ownes, Member for Paramatta
I found that I had the confidence to commit to policy direction and pursue it rather than accepting advice from more experienced team members ‘that it could not be done’. Without the catalyst of this course, I’m not sure that would have been
possible at this stage of my early political experience.
Ann Sudmalis, Member for Gilmore

The Parliamentary Leaders Program has been developed in collaboration with La Trobe University and Trinity College in the University of Melbourne, with pro bono input from the Program’s Advisory Council and the Australian Futures Project’s Learning and Leadership Advisory Group. The program draws on international best practice from the Harvard Kennedy School in the USA, the Institute for Government in the UK, Boston Consulting Group’s work with presidential appointees in the USA, and corporate leadership programs at the likes of AT Kearney, IBM, and Toyota.

Honorary Patrons

  • Richard Alston – President, Liberal Party of Australia
  • Mark Butler – President, Australian Labor Party

Advisory Council

  • Michael Lee – former ALP Communications Minister
  • Terry Moran – former Secretary, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Brendan Nelson – former Liberal Defence Minister and Leader of the Opposition
  • Elizabeth Proust – former Secretary, Victorian Department of the Premier and Cabinet

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