What does Australia’s transport future look like?

On 13 October 2016 the National Transport Commission released possible new scenarios for Australia's transport future. How Australia's transport system might work in the lead up to the year 2040 is shown in a series [...]

Mapping Victoria’s food system

Australian Futures Project report on Mapping Victoria’s Food System is released. It was prepared for Ripe for Change, a funder-driven initiative convened by the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network (AEGN). The report and system map are [...]

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The System Shift Initiative

July 2015 marks the end of the third stage of the System Shift initiative. This report describes the two-and-a-half year journey that has led us to here. It has involved various stages and organisations over [...]

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Early Childhood Development in Australia: Challenging the system

This policy brief provides a summary of the challenges facing the early childhood development (ECD) system in Australia today, based on findings of two reports: Australia’s early childhood development system: what we know and Early [...]

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Early Childhood Development: Perspectives of the system

  Thirty five decision makers from across the ECD system, including State Government Ministers, senior bureaucrats (Secretaries and Deputy Secretaries), business leaders, leading academics, non-government representatives and for-profit service providers, are interviewed on their perspectives [...]

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Australia’s Early Childhood Development System: What we know

There is clear evidence from Australia and overseas that the early years of a child’s life have a profound impact on their future health, development, learning and wellbeing. Research shows investing in resources to support [...]

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Enabling business leaders to drive change for a flourishing Australian future

Globally, the role of business and business leaders in society is an increasingly important topic as the world becomes more complex and connected, societies demand more accountability, and leaders are expected to be more in [...]

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Complex adaptive systems: Implications for Leaders, Organisations, Government and Citizens

This policy brief provides an overview of key concepts of complex adaptive systems – and why understanding them is important for modern Australian society. An approach called ‘systems thinking’ is described as a tool for [...]

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Building strategic decision-making capacity: International examples

  In considering how to build Australia’s capacity to make decisions for a flourishing shared future in the 2020s and 30s, it is useful to consider the institutions and innovations of other countries. This paper [...]

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A new era for Australia’s decision-making system?

  The Australian Futures Project began in mid-2011 as a question: Could Australia be better at making and implementing strategic decisions and investments to create a flourishing shared future? READ THE FULL REPORT HERE