• Australia is failing to prepare for the opportunities of the future

  • We know what we need to do but we are not doing it

  • Imagine an Australia where decisions with positive long-term impact were easier to make – and successfully implemented.

  • We are implementing concrete initiatives to make progress towards our vision of a flourishing shared future for Australia.

How does Australia maintain its position as one of the best places to live in the world?

0 Million people
The estimated total population of Australia by 2050 – a 30% increase from today
0% increase
Projected annual health care spending increase for over 65s between now and 2050
0 jobs
Are likely to be replaced by automation or computerisation in Australia by 2035

Imagine an Australia where decisions with positive long-term impact were easier to make – and successfully implemented.

This is our vision and we are working with others to see this happen.

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The Australian Futures Project finds, tests, and rolls out improvements to Australia’s decision-making system.

We are about making long-termism easier in Australia. We are multi-sector, non-profit, and non-partisan. We engage broadly and work collaboratively. We magnify our insight, reach, and impact by drawing on contributions from our partners and an extensive network of leaders and thinkers across Australia and overseas.

We are achieving this through a  number of initiatives:

Parliamentary Leaders Program

How does Australia build the capability of our parliamentarians to govern in the complex and dynamic 21st century?

My Big Idea

How can we source and bring to life some of Australia’s most innovative and inspiring ideas for the country’s future?

Actions for NSW Agriculture

How does the NSW community guarantee the future of its food and agriculture sector?

My Geelong, My Idea

How can the citizens of Geelong solve some of the pressing issues in their community?

Australian Futures Research Scholarship

Prestigious doctoral research scholarships will be awarded to outstanding applicants who are interested in exploring how to build Australia’s capacity to make decisions for a flourishing shared future.

Early Childhood Development

How does Australia improve developmental outcomes for Australian children?

The Australian Futures Project has relied on the generous support of the following partners and donors:

  • Rebecca Smith and Stuart Blieschke

  • The Wheen Family Foundation

  • Matt and Julia Rockman

  • The Anita and Luca Belgiorno-Nettis Family Foundation

We have also received many generous donations under $25,000 as well as in-kind contributions from a number of individuals and organisations.